Source 1

Court records from Dominica, a British colony in the Leeward Islands, January 1814 (CO 71/51)


Jan[uar]y 15
John Pierre Mr Grano 1814
Jan[uar]y 15 John Pierre Mr Grano Co[ur]t Martial
Attempting to return to the Runaways with Provisions & having been runaway 2 Months To be hanged Hanged : Head cut off & put on a Pole. Body hanged on a Gibbet, 16 Jan[uar]y 1814
15 & 16PeterHillsbro' Estate ditto Exiting a Mutiny among 20 Negroes of the Estate & harvesting them with provisions & while runaway To be hanged Hanged. Head cut off & put on a pole. Body hanged on a Gibbet 18 Jan[uar]y 1814
16HectorMr Lionne ditto Runaway To receive 100 lashes & to be worked in chains 6 months Received 100 lashes 16 Jan 1814 & sold 21st April
RachelMr Grano ditto ditto To receive 30 lashes & to be worked in chains 3 months Received 30 lashes & delivered to owner 16th April 1814
22Dick & DanielHillsbro' Estate

ditto dittoTo receive 100 lashes Rec[eived] 100 lashes each, & released to owners att[ention] 22nd Jan 1814
SarahdittodittodittoTo receive 50 lashes Pardoned & released 30th Jan[uar]y
Hetty, Penny & Placide
ditto ditto ditto To receive 40 lashes each Received 40 lashes each & returned to owner's att[ention] 22nd Jan[uar]y
28JosephMr Dubocq dittosupplying Runaways with salt & with provisions Not guilty Discharged
PierreMr Polus Estate dittoEncouraging the Neg[roe]s upon that estates who had absconded to stay away To receive 100 lashes & to be worked in chains 6 months Rec[eived] 100 lashes & died in Jail 6 april
CharlesMr Bonnjean dittoBeing runaway near 17 months
ditto Rec[eived] 100 lashes
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1. Read Source 1. Look at the names on the document.

  • These enslaved people originated in Africa. Are these African names? Who named them?
  • How many names do the enslaved Africans have? Why weren’t they given surnames?
  • Which enslaved people are male and which are female? Does their gender make any difference to how they were treated by the court?
  • Dominica had been a French possession until 1763. Which of the slaves have French names?