Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Alston, Cumberland, June 1897

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Alston, Cumberland, June 1897, Catalogue ref: COPY 1/430/711

Divide the class into small groups/pairs. Print the questions below on separate cards. Give each group 2 questions each. Ask the pupils to discuss their answers and report back to the class.

  • Where is this photograph taken?
  • Did you spot the brass band?
  • Why are some children wearing medals do you think?
  • Can you describe the children’s clothes?
  • What type of clothing is it?
  • Why might this photograph have been taken?
  • What does this photograph tell us about Queen Victoria; children’s lives, shopping, housing, cameras?
  • Do you think this photograph is posed?
  • If it is posed, does this make it less useful for finding out about the past?
  • What is the message of the photograph?

Creative activities

  • Project this photograph onto a large screen. Ask the pupils to draw/paint a part of the image focussing on particular person(s) or building(s). Display their work with the original photograph.
  • Creative writing: Imagine you a child standing in this crowd. What can you see and hear. Why are you there? How do you feel? Are you enjoying yourself?