Keep our Secrets Secret Poster, 1960s

Keep our Secrets Secret, 1960s’, Catalogue ref: INF 13/293/10

Caption reads: somebody isn’t using his intelligence… Keep our secrets secret


« Return to Life in 1960s Britain

Divide the class into small groups/pairs and ask pupils to discuss their answers to the following questions, before reporting back to the class. 

  • What can you see in this photograph? What do you think is happening? 
  • Who do you think these people might be? 
  • Does this photograph look like it was also taken during the 1960’s? Why/ why not? 
  • Look at the printed writing below the photograph. Can you see who has produced this poster? What is the message about how people should behave? 
  • What does this photograph tell us about life at this time? 
  • How would you describe the atmosphere in this photograph and how does it compare with the first photo?