Benedict Peas

‘Benedict peas’, 1951, Catalogue ref: ZLIB 17/129A.

Teacher explains that processed peas are dried peas sent to a factory where they are soaked in water with green colouring, put into cans and sold.

Divide the class into small groups/pairs. Show the class the poster on a whiteboard/or as printed copy. Discuss the following questions:

  • What type of source is this?
  • What is the product which is being advertised?
  • How does the poster encourage people to buy ‘Benedict processed peas’?
  • Have you ever tried ‘processed peas’?
  • What does the cartoon at the bottom of the poster suggest about the role of women? [Despite women’s employment in the First & Second World Wars, a married woman’s place was still considered to be in the home in the 1950s.]
  • Can you explain why this poster is probably aimed at women?
  • What does this product suggest about tinned foods in the 1950s?
  • How could we find out more about people ate in the 1950s?