Source 5

Extract from a journal of one of the settlers. (CO1/1)


They goe all naked save their privityes, yet in coole weather they weare deare skinns, with the hayre on loose: some have leather stockinges vp to their twistes, & sandalls on their feet, their hayre is black generally, which they weare long on the left side, tyed vp on a knott, about which knott the kinges and best among them have a kind of Coronett of deares hayre coloured redd, some have chaines of long linckt copper about their neckesm and some chaines of pearle, the common sort stick long fethers in this knott, I found not a grey eye among them all. their

skynn is tawny not so borne, but with dying and paynting them selues, in which they – delight greatly. The wemen are like the men, onely this difference; their hayre – groweth long al over their heads save clipt – somewhat short afore, these do all the labour and the men hunt and goe at their plesure.

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5. This extract describes how the natives appeared to the settlers.

  • Write as much as you can about the following things:
    • clothing
    • footwear
    • hair / hairstyle
    • skin
    • differences between men and women
  • Using this information, why do you think some settlers felt uncomfortable with Native Americans?