Source 4

Extract from a journal of one of the settlers (CO1/1)


some of his people led vs to their houses, showed vs the growing of their Corne & the maner of setting it, gave us Tobacco, Wallnutes, mullberyes, strawberryes, and Respises. One shewed vs the herbe called in their tongue wisacan, which they say heales poysoned woundes, it is like lyverwort of bloudwort. One gaue me a Roote wherewith they poisen their Arrowes. they would shew vs any thing we Demaunded, and laboured very much by signes to make vs understand their Languadg.

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4. This extract explains the natives showing the settlers how they lived.

  • What are the explorers shown how to do? [Think about what ‘manner of setting’ actually means]
  • If the Natives are willing to do this, what does this suggest about them?
  • Which of the following sentences best describes this early contact? Write a paragraph to explain your choice.
    • the Natives were warning them off – showing they didn’t welcome ‘strangers’ bringing disease
    • the Natives were enormously friendly to the Europeans – helpful in every possible way
    • the Europeans were extremely scared but had nothing to worry about – they all got along fine!