Source 3

Extract from a journal of one of the settlers (CO1/1)


But in presence of them both it fell out that we missing two bullett-bagges which had shott and Dyvers trucking toyes in them: we Complayned to theis kynges, who instantly caused them all to be restored, not wanting any thing. Howbeit they had Devyded the shott and toyes to (at least) a dozen seuerall persons; and those also in the llet over the water: One also having stollen a knyfe, brought it againe vpon this Comaunde before we supposed it lost, or had made made any signe for it: so Captaine Newport gaue thanckes to the Kinges and rewarded the theeves with the same toyes they had stollen, but kept the bulletes: yet he made knowne vnto them the Custome of England to be Death for such offences.

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3. This extract describes how the explorers were missing two bullet-bags and the contents.

  • When the loss was reported, how quick and effective was the Native Americans response?
  • Why do you think the materials were taken by the Native Americans?
  • How is the situation resolved?
  • From the evidence so far, how would you describe the relationship between the Europeans and the Natives? Make sure you explain your ideas – use the questions below to help:
    • Have both groups shown themselves to be friendly? How?
    • Has respect been shown to each other? How?
    • How well have problems been resolved?
    • Are there any sign of nerves or worries?