Source 2

Extract from a journal of one of the settlers (CO1/1)


Satterday we passed a few short reaches; and . 5. mile of Poore Cottage we went a shore. Heer we found our kinde

Comrades againe, who had gyven notice all along as they came of us: by which we were entertayned with much Courtesye in every place. We found here a Wiroans (for so they call their kynges) who satt vpon a matt of Reedes, with his people about him: He casued one to be layd for Captain Newport, gave vs a Deare roasted; which accor ding to their Custome they seethed againe: His people gaue Vs mullberyes, sodd wheate and beanes, and he caused his weomen to make Cakes for Vs. He gaue our Captaine his Crowne which was of Deares hayre dyed redl. Certifying him of our intentyon vp the Ryver, he was willing to send guydes with vs.

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2. This is another extract from the diary seen in Source 1.

  • How welcome were the men made? [Think about how they were ‘entertained’]
  • What was done to show respect for Captain Newport?
  • What did the native people give them? [3 things]
  • What did the Captain get?
  • How do you think these explorers felt about their treatment?