Source 1

Extract from a journal of one of the settlers (CO 1/1)


Thursday the xxith of May, Capt[ain] Newport (having fitted our shallup with provision and all neccessaryes belonging to a discovery) tooke 5 . gentleme[n]. 4 Maryners . and 14 Sal[ours], with whome he [proc]eded with a [per]fect resolutyon not to returne, but either to find ye head of this Ryver, the Laake mentyoned by others heretofore, the Sea againe, the Mountaynes Apalatsi, or some issue

The names of the Dyscoverers are thes : Capt[ain] Christopher Newport

George Percye esq.                 Francys Nellson
Capt[ain] Gabriell Archer         John Collson.
Capt[ain] Ihon Smyth             Robert Tyndall             Mariners
M[aster] Ihon Brookes             Marrhew Fytch
M[aster] Thomas Wotton

Jonas Poole.
Robert Markham.
John Crookdeck.
Olyver Browne.
Beniamyn White.
Rych[ard] Genoway
Tho[mas] Turnbrydg
Tho[mas] Godword
Robert Jackson
Charles Clarke
Thomas Slymer
Jeremy Deale

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1. This is an extract from one of the settlers diaries.

  • What did the ‘Dyscoverers’ (explorers) take with them?
  • How many people went on the exploration?