No. 36 Casualty Clearing Station

Extracts from the war diary of Captain E. Spencer Bourne which details the construction of the No.36 Casualty Clearing Station camp, (Catalogue ref: WO 95/344)





Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information Remarks and references to Appendices
HEILLY 1/3/16   The unit arrived at HEILLY by road from CORBIE and proceeded to pitch a camp in a field close to HEILLY Railway Station south of the line under instructions received from D.M.S. [Director Medical Services] 3rd Army. The unit was transferred from the administration of the 3rd Army to that of the 4th from 12 noon this day. The equipment & stores of the unit were removed from the place where they were parked near the Railway Station and brought to the Camp. The ground of the Camp is 180 X 75 yards. The ground is clay and very soft. It is bounded on the West by a cultivated patch (rye grass) and on the East by ploughed land. North is the railway line & South the main CORBIE-MERRICOURT ROAD.  
HEILLY 2/3/16   The unit was engaged in pitching tents to form a camp & in cutting trenches to drain the camp. There is no water laid on in the camp and the nearest water fit for drinking is distant 1½ miles.  
  3/3/16   Application was made to D.M.S. 4th Army for permission to cut a road running West to East at the railway end of the camp. This road is required for two purposes. (1) Evacuation of patients to trains (2) Bringing in stores, coal, Hospital supplies, etc.  
  4/3/16   Captain G.M. HODGES ordered to proceed to CORBIE BY D.M.S., 4th Army to supervise the sanitation of that town. Some snow in the morning and a good deal of rain.  
HEILLY 22/3/16

















  I took over from Lt. Colonel A.A.SEEDS. Went to MERICOURT to select tanks for water storage etc. Roadmaking continued.

Lt. Colonel A.A.SEEDS left for MARSEILLES. Roadmaking continued. Went to C.R.E. [Commander Royal Engineers] 13th Corps regarding latrines, cookhouses & water supply.

2 inches of snow hindered work. 5 Reinforcements (privates) arrived from Base. 4 Water tanks & a pump down from R.E. [Royal Engineer] dump MERICOURT

Roadmaking continued in improved weather.  2 N.C.O.s and 10 men exchanged with 5 C.C.S. [Casualty Clearing Station] and 21 C.C.S. for instruction.

Roadmaking continued. Inspection of Gas helmets & toothbrushes of detachment. Service (C. of E) Inspection by D.D.M.S 13th Corps.

Reported to D.M.S. Fourth Army for instruction. Went to R.E. at RIBEMONT. Roadmaking continued. Lieut. R.F.T. NEWBURY reported for duty.

Pitching new marquees-delayed by much rain. Went to C.R.E. 13th Corps re water supply. Roadmaking. Inspection by D.D.M.S. 13th Corps

HEILLY 18/4/16   Heavy rain.

Captain G.D. LAING R.A.M.C. returned from leave last night. Visited MERICOURT cemetery & arranged with Rev. W.C. KERR C.7.237 [Ambulance] for burials. Q.M [Quarter Master] (Acting Sgt. Major) A.E.ENDACOTT R.A.M.C. transferred to 6 \Motor ambulance convoy.

2 N.C.O.s & 28 men 637th Ambulance, 21 Division arrived for temporary duty. New operating theatre (wooden hut) begun.

Seven nursing sisters arrived about 5 pm.

Miss M.E. VERNON HARCOURT A.R.R.C. Q.A.I.M.N.S.(R) Sister in charge


“         P. TSARNARD T.F.N.S

Staff Nurse M.PURVES       “

“          “       P.M.JONES      “

“          “       E.M. HENDERSON (C.H.R.)

“          “ A. COOPER Q.A.I.M.N.S  (C.H.R.)

Reported to D.M.S. Fourth Army that accommodation available was 957 & maximum obtainable 1200- but that operation theatre, bathing room, ablution [washing] room, cookhouse, latrines etc. were not yet nearly complete.




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