Source Four (a)

DC Colin Lynch, three photographs taken from a police file of evidence against the Mangrove Nine. Catalogue ref: MEPO 31/21 


Colin Lynch, Detective Constable attached to Special Branch, New Scotland Yard, was directed by his senior officer to ‘attend a demonstration organised by coloured people to protest against alleged police oppression in the Notting Hill area.’ He explained further: ‘I was told that in view of the violent sentiments expressed in some of the literature publicising the demonstration it was feared that public disorder might occur. Accordingly I was instructed to take photographs of the demonstration to provide a sequential record of events should disorder ensue.’  

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Look at the photographs   

  • Why was a police photographer on the scene?  
  • What were the police expecting that day? 
  • Who is the audience for these photographs? 
  • What 3 things do you notice about the protestors and bystanders in these photographs? 
  • Evaluate the role of women in these photographs, what are they doing and how are they being treated in the photographs?