Source Five

Repair of a tower next to the gun tower (le gun towre) with the repair of the Great Hall and the king’s chamber, in couching with lead there


Paid to Nicholas Solyhull’, carpenter, with his mate, working upon the said job, namely for fifteen days, taking 6d. per day — Sum, 15s. 


Paid for the plastering of the walls of the said tower by an engrossed [fair copy] agreement — 5s. 


Paid to Geoffrey Plomer for his work with lead and solder for ten days, taking 6d. per day — Sum, 5s.


Paid to his servant for the said time, taking 4d. per day — Sum, 3s. 4d. 


Paid to the same Geoffrey Plomer for his work on the Great Hall and king’s chamber, namely in couching and laying with beaten lead, for thirteen days, taking 6d. per day — Sum, 6s. 6d. 


To his servant for the same time, taking 4d. per day — Sum, 4s. 4d. 


Paid to Henry Impingham and his mate to help with the said work, namely in drawing lead upon the said hall and chamber for six days, each taking 4d. per day — Sum, 4s. 


Paid to Thomas Mannyng, mason, for making good divers defects within the aforesaid castle, namely in soldering and plastering in various places there at the discretion of the steward, for nineteen days, taking 6d. each day — Sum, 9s. 6d. 


Paid to Henry Impyngham for the carriage of le Borekebyls and laths to the aforesaid castle for eight days, taking 12d. per day — Sum, 8s. 


Paid to two workmen helping out with the loading of the said carts for the aforesaid tiem, each taking 4d. per day — Sum, 5s. 4d. 


Paid to Henry Impingham for the carriage of laths and the repair of the wall, as well as the flooring of the aforesaid tower, namely for two days, taking 12d. per day — Sum, 2s.


Paid for the sawing of a rode of tables for the repair of the said tower by an engrossed agreement — 5s. 


Sum: 73s. 


Repairs at Plesauns Marys 


Paid to Nicholas Carpenter and his mate working on the king’s tower there as well as on a tower next to the Watergate, for 22 days, each taking 6d. per day — Sum, 22s. 


Paid to Henry Impingham and his mate for helping with raising timber upon the said tower, for eight days, each taking 4d. per day — Sum, 5s. 4d. 


Paid to the same Henry for the carriage of timber for the said work, for four days, taking 12d. per day — Sum, 4s. 


Paid to two workmen in helping to load the carts for the said carriage, for four days, each taking 4d. per day — Sum, 2s. 8d. 


Paid to John Tyler and his mate for tiling a certain house called ‘le Kinges logging’ (the King’s Lodge) containing eight bays, by an agreement made by the steward and receiver, with 20d. of reward — 40s. 


Paid for 4500 tiles for the repairs there, each 1000 priced 12d. — Sum, 18s. 


Paid to Henry Impingham for carriage of the same, namely for the carriage of each 1000, 12d — Sum, 4s. 


Paid to Geoffrey Plomer and his servant for ten days for laying of lead there upon the aforesaid tower and soldering, taking 10d. per day with 4d. for the servant — Sum, 8s. 4d.  


Paid for the manufacture of 5000 Baththis taking 12d. per 1000 — Sum, 4s. 8d. 


Sum, 108. 6d. 


The purchase of stuff 


Paid to Geoffrey Plomer for a fodre of lead purchased for the repair of the Great Hall and king’s chamber, worth — 100s. 


Paid for old lead purchased in gross by Henry Impyngham and John Neell on the advice of the receiver for the repair of two towers at Plesauns Marys, priced — 26s. 8d. 


Paid for 60lbs of solder purchased at divers prices — 16s. 


Paid for four cartloads of chalk and 2½ quarters, with the costs of carting them from Walsall to Kenilworth, taking 8s. for each cartload — Sum, 38s. 


Paid for closing devices, namely locks, hinges, staples and bars or iron, purchased at divers prices at the discretion of the steward there — 16s.  


Paid for 7000 Stonnayle purchased for the repairs at Plesaunce Marys, each 1000 priced 13d. — Sum, 7s. 7d. 


Paid for 4500 tiles purchased for the repaid of the castle, each 1000 priced 4s. — Sum, 18s. 


Paid for the carriage of the same, namely 12d. for each 1000 — Sum, 4s. 6d. 


Paid for crests and gutters purchased for the repair of the same castle — 22d. 


Sum: £11 8s. 7d.  


Sum total: £23 14s. 6d.


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Account of repairs to buildings at Kenilworth Castle 1483-1484, Catalogue ref: DL 29/463/7565, [membrane 3]. 

  • What type of materials are being paid for, and what might they have been used for? 
  • What different types of skilled workers are needed to work with these materials?  
  • What do these three accounts reveal about the upkeep of a castle like Kenilworth? 
  • What do they reveal about the significance and function of the castle at this time? What type of materials are being paid for, and what might they have been used for?