Source Eight

Transcript [French]

nostre seignur le Roi e a son consail moustre Marie de Shepeye qe come ele fust oue Johanne qe fust la femme monseignur Hugh de Quilly come dama/saille de sa Chambre en le Chaxtel de Kenelworth’ le viscounte de Warr’ vient e seisi le dit Chaxtel en la mayn nostre seignur le Roi e prist le / dit Hugh e touz les bienz en le dit Chaxtel trouetz entre quex la dite Marie ad eit ij cloches iij tapits iiij quiltes iiij linceux e viij […] / dount la dite Marie prie au dit nostre seignur le Roi e son consail la deliueraunce des bienz auauntditz. 




[Endorsed] Seit associe ascun homm au vicomte / denquere la verite de ceste use / e lenqueste returne seit fait / dreit en Chauncelerie. 



To our lord the king and to his council, Mary de Shepeye shows that when she was with Joan, who was the wife of Sir Hugh de Quilly as damsel of her chamber in the castle of Kenilworth, the sheriff of Warwickshire came and seized the said castle into the hand of our lord the king and took the said Hugh and all of the goods found in the said castle, among which the said Mary had there two hats, three hangings, four quilts, four linen cloths and eight […], concerning which the said Mary prays to our lord the king and to his council for delivery of the before said goods.


[Endorsed] Let a certain man be appointed to the sheriff to enquire into the truth that this has and let the result of the enquiry be made right in Chancery


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Petition of Mary de Shepeye to King Edward II, 1322, Catalogue ref: SC 8/6/272. 

This document has been endorsed which means there is writing on the back that shows the claim was considered by the king and his council and certain action was to be taken. 

  • Why do you think this source is in French? 
  • According to this petition, what did the Sheriff of Warwickshire do? 
  • Why was the king, Edward II, appealed to by Mary de Shepeye ? 
  • Does the petition infer anything about Mary de Shepeye? 
  • What does this source reveal about the significance of Kenilworth?