Source 5b

Detail from The Householder’s part in ARP: Meeting Bomb and Gas Dangers: Illustrated London News July 16 1938 (ZPER 34/193)

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5. Look at Sources 5 a and b. These are wartime warning posters.

  • What dangers do these sources warn the public about?
  • Who was the local air raid warden for Drypool Green?
  • What was the air raid signal for ‘all clear’?
  • In the months leading up to September 1939 many towns practised their air raid signals and taking shelter. Why do you think this was necessary?
  • Read the section in Source 5a called ‘Fire Precautions’. Which parts are the public
    • likely to follow?
    • likely to ignore?
  • Look at Source 5b. Read all the labels. How would each precaution help save lives if there was an air raid?