Source 3a

Gas Raid Quiz and Gas Mask Leaflets Catalogue ref: HO 186/2247

Gas Raid Quiz No.17

Issued by the Ministry of Home Security
Will you be in great danger if a gas raid comes when you are in a train?

Not if you have your gas mask with you and put it on immediately. The Guard of the train would take charge and decide what was best for the passengers.

Never set out on a journey without your gasmask.

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3. Look at Sources 3 a, b and c. These were leaflets produced during the war.

  • Who produced these leaflets?
  • What dangers are these leaflets about?
  • How many different types of gas masks would the government have to provide?
  • How useful do you think the advice offered in these leaflets is?
  • The government had to be careful not to scare people, but at the same time it wanted people to take notice and be prepared. How do these leaflets:
    • get people to take notice?
    • educate people?
    • reassure people?