Source 1

Dig for Plenty poster – Artist : Le Bon (INF 3/98)

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1. Look at Source 1. This is one of a series of posters designed to encourage people to grow their own food.

  • Why did the government want the Home Front to ‘Dig for Plenty’?
  • If the Home Front had not organised growing more of its own food, what would have happened?
  • Would a poster showing what would happen if people did not start to ‘dig’ have been more or less effective? Explain your answer
  • How has does this poster use words and pictures to get its message over?
  • Now look at the’ Dig for Victory’ poster at the start of the lesson.
    (a) What are the similarities and differences between both posters?
    (b) Which one has makes its message in the best way? Explain why.