Source 9

Alternative plans – Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)


(iv) Alternative action at the Teehaus. Assuming that the sniper failed and Hitler reached the tea-house unharmed, it might be possible to retrieve the situation, and even to regard the sniper’s attempt as a diversion, by attacking Hitler in his car on the return journey to the BERGHOF. This attack would be made from two operatives firing a PIAT gun (or Bazooka) from the woods in the vicinity of the Teehaus. These operatives would not take up position until the arrival of the Kolonne at the Teehaus after observing the sniper’s failure to bring down Hitler. They would this avoid the risk of detection by any piquets and patrols in the neighbourhood of the MOOSLANER KOPF, whose attention would rather be drawn in the opposite direction. The Kolonne, one may reasonably assume, woudl be sent for post haste following the sniper’s attempt. Whether Hitler returned alone to the Berghof or took his breakfast at the teahouse before returning, the guards would hardly expect a second attack to be made.

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9. Read Source 9. If the first plan fails, what is the alternative one?