Source 8

Assassin locations – Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)


Transcript of Assassin locations – Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)

(i) Approach: From the LAROSBACH (Fig.2) through the woods to the wire fence near the point at which the concrete by-pass cuts the route followed by Hitler in his walk. The operative or operatives (supposing two snipers are employed) should be in position, (say) between this point and the teahouse, not earlier than 1000 hrs. (to give RSD dog patrol time to have passed). The position taken up should be within 100-200 yards of the route.

(ii) Weapon and equipment: Mauser sniper’s rifle, telescopic sight (carried in pocket), explosive bullets in magazine, wire-cutters (for making hole in wire fence), H.E. grenades carried in haversac for close protection and assistance in making get-away.

{iii} Disguise: Gebirgsjager uniform. The great majority of the patients at the Lazarett (military hospital) in the PLATTERHOF are mountain troops. (Gebirgsjager). Since the SS Fuhrerbegleitkommando, the RSD (when not in mufti) and the SS Wachkompanie Obersalzberg all wear this type of uniform (Fig.35a) in winter (with slight modifications), impersonation on these lines would obviously facilitate approach to within striking distance.

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8. Read Source 8. This section deals with locations for the assassins.

  • Can you work out where on the map (Source 6) the assassins should launch their attack on Hitler?
  • What weapons should the assassins carry?
  • What disguises are suggested?