Source 4

Hitler’s drinking habits – Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)


Hitler, according to reliable information, is a tea addict. He always drinks it with milk. Since the milk is poured first into the cup, it is unlikely that the tea’s opalescence (see 4. above) would be noticed as it came from the teapot.

Hitler is said to be extremely fond of apple juice.

The reports that he drinks enormous quantities of black coffee, which have appeared in the popular press from time to time, are denied by P/W who was body-servant to Hitler from 1936 to 1940, although a dining car attendant from von Ribbentrop’s train declares this is not so and that he personally served the Fuhrer with coffee (and milk) at the Berghof. Hitler may well have formed the habit in the course of the war.

Apart from such table waters as PACHINGER and APOLINARIS the only other beverage Hitler takes is his “near beer”. This beer is said to be a special product of the HOLZKIRCHEN brewery, Munich, whose lorry makes a delivery once a month to the Berghof. (It is difficult to see how this beer could be treated outside the brewery, i.e. before bottling).

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4. Read Source 4. This section of the plan details Hitler’s drinking habits.

Read Hitler’s drinking habits carefully. What would be the best way of poisoning him without the poison being detected?

Consider the following factors in your answer:

  • How likely is there to be the right opportunity to put this plan into action?
  • If the plan goes ahead, how likely is it to kill rather than just injure Hitler?
  • How likely is it that the people carrying out the plan will be caught?