Source 3

The Properties of ‘I’ – Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)


The characteristics of “I” are as follows:-

1. It is tasteless and odourless.

2. Neither hard nor soft water is visibly affected by the addition of one lethal dose (2 grams. to 2½ pints).

3. Black coffee treated with “I” in the same ratio indicates no perceptible change in appearance. Nor would the addition of milk make any immediate difference in the appearance of the beverage.

4. Tea (with milk) treated as above shows no detectable change, but without milk it immediately becomes opalescent and in the course of an hour or so becomes quite turbid and deposits a brown sediment.

5. Fruit such as apples and prines, and vegetables (cabbage), stewed or boiled in water containing one lethal dose of “I” (2 grams.) to 2½ pints of water shows no abnormality campared with the same materials boiled in ordinary tap water. Though only insignificant quantities of “I” would be absorbed by the fruit or vegetable, the juice would be lethal.

6. The addition of “I” at the rate of one lethal dose to ½ pint of beer causes no alteration whatever in appearance.

7. Wines and spirits treated with “I” become turbid or cloudy at once and gradually deposit a dark brown sediment.

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3. Read Source 3. This section of the plan describes the poison which could be used.

  • How much of ‘I’ kills?
  • What would ‘I’ not be suitable for? Why is this?
  • List all the reasons why ‘I’ is the best ‘medium’ to use