Source 1

Introduction to Operation Foxley 1944 (HS 6/624)





1. Object : The elimination of HITLER and any high-ranking Nazis or members of the Fuhrer’s entourage who may be present at the attempt.

2. Means : Sniper’s rifle, PIAT gun (with graze fuze) or Bazooks, H.E. and splinter grenades; derailment and destruction of the Fuhrerzug by explosives; clandestine means.

3. Scene of operations : The most recent information available on Hitler and his movements narrows down the field of endeavour to two loci of action, viz, the BERCHTESGADEN area and the Fuhrerzug (Hitler’s train). The BERCHTESGADEN area includes the OBERSALZBERG as well as the road from the BERGHOF (Hitler’s residence on the OVERSALZBERG) to SCHLOSS KLESSHEIM, one of the alternative Fuhrerhauptquartiers which were set up in Germany following the threat to the RASTENBURG (East Prussia) FHQ by the advance of the Russian armies in Poland. Loci of action in connection with the Fuhrerzug include the SCHLOSS KLESSHEIM sidings, SALZBURG railway station and the routes followed by Hitler’s train when travelling north (to Berlin) and west (to Mannheim).

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1. Read Source 1. This is the introduction to Operation Foxley, the British plan to assassinate Hitler.

  • What is the ‘object’ of Operation Foxley?
  • How many different methods are put forward?
  • Where is the assassination likely to be carried out? Find the two places mentioned