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nor alfoe that there be no manner of playing at diffe or cards, ufed within the fame chamber, after the King be ferved for All-night, except it be by the King’s commandment or licence.

Simplified Transcript

nor also that there be no manner of playing at dice or cards, used within the same chamber, after the King be served for All-night, except it with the King’s permission.

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2. This section of the ordinances deals with the duties of the King’s barber and the behaviour of his staff.

  • How often did the barber visit the King?
  • What tools did he use to help him with his job?
  • What was the punishment for the barber if he mixed with the wrong kind of people?
  • Why do you think that it was important who he mixed with?
  • What were you not allowed to do in the King’s chamber?
  • When was the only time you would be allowed to do this?
  • Why do you think it was so important?