Source 5

Examination of Guido Fawkes (SP 14/216)


Forasmuch as they knew not well how they should come by the person of the Duke Charles [the future King Charles I, aged 5], being near London, where they had no forces (if he had not been also blown up) he confesseth that it was resolved among them that, the same day that this detestable act should have been performed, the same day should other of their confederacy have surprised the person of the Lady Elizabeth [the King’s eldest daughter, aged 9] and presently have proclaimed her Queen, to which purpose a proclamation was drawn, as well to avow and justify the action, as to have protested against the Union, and in no sort to have meddled with religion therein, and would have protested against all strangers, and this proclamation should have been made in the name of the Lady Elizabeth.

Simplified transcript

They did not know how they would be able to get Duke Charles [son of King James] if he had not also been blown up as they did not have any forces (soldiers) near London. He confessed that it was decided amongst them that, on the same day that this horrible act was carried out, one of their group should kidnap the Lady Elizabeth [eldest daughter of King James] and declare her Queen, and a statement made in her name which justified this step and that it was her wish not to interfere in religion of the country.


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5. Guy Fawkes/John Johnson has been questioned and given more information. Read this extract and answer the following questions:

  • What was the plotters’ plan for Princess Elizabeth?
  • Does this support the evidence provided in Source 2?
  • Why do you think Fawkes seems to have changed his story?
  • Finally, look at all of the sources again and write a report on the plot including the following:
    • Who was involved?
    • What was the plan?
    • Did it have any weaknesses?
    • What was the outcome?