Source 6

Donald Campbell’s casualty form (WO 363/C)

Transcript of Donald Campbell’s casualty form


Casualty Form – Active Service

Regiment or Corps 3td B” The Royal Scots


 Regimental No 8493

Enlisted (a) 10/8/03

Rank   Pte  

Terms of Service (a)    7 & 5   

 Name  Campbell D.   Service reckons from (a)  10/8/03


 Dare of promotion to present rank }                      Date of appointment to lance rank}                   Numerical position on roll of N.C.Os} ____   _


 Extended                        Re-engaged                       Qualification (b)   Corp  


 Date From whom received  Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties etc., during active service, as reported on Army Form B, 214, Army Form A.36 or in other official documents.  The athority to be quoted in each case. Place Date Remarks taken from Army form B.213, Army form A 36 or other official documents.
 ob 23 3/15  App(li)ed Hosp(ital) (without pay)  On Service 17.3.15  Memo
 ob 22 4/15  Dep(loye)d Lance Stripe   — —  14.4.15  B2069
 ob 22 5/15  Wounded in Action  Ypres  22.5.15  Memo
 ob 22 6/15  Died of W(oun)ds  On service for officer – 3rd  23.5.15

Echelou G H


___ Record


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5. Look at Source 6. This is Donald Campbell’s casualty record:

  • Why is this source useful to us?
  • When and where was Private Campbell wounded in action?
  • What happened a day later?