Source 3b

Case discussed at court at Whitehall in the presence of Charles II, 28 April 1665 (PC 2/58)


Order to Lord Chiefe Justice to enquire after the Ryott about the houses infected

Upon Information given unto this Board, that the house, the Signe of the ship in the New buildings in St.Giles in the fields, was shutt up as suspected to bee infected with the Plague, and a Cross and paper fixed, on the doore; And that the said Cross and paper were taken off, and the door opened, in a riotious manner, and the people of the house permitted, to goe abroad into the street promiscuously, with others; It is this day ordered (his Majesty present in Councell) that the Lord Chiefe Justice, of his Majesty’s Bench, and other his Majesty’s Justices of the peace, for the County of Middlesex, bee and are hereby desired, to make dilligent and strict enquiry, after the offendors in the said Ryott; And inflict upon them, for such of them as they shall find, the severest punishments, the Right of the Law, will allow, against offenders in [?], of soe dangerous a consequence; And soe much to the contempt of his Majesty’s orders as theirs;


Ryott – riot

riotious – disorderly

goe abroad – go about

promiscuously – freely

dilligent – diligent, a thorough effort

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3. What do sources 3a and 3b reveal about peoples attitudes to the authorities during the plague?