Source 4

‘The Great Round Up’, Ministry of Supply and Ministry of Works, 1939-1945. Catalogue ref: INF 13/148 f8


[Left bin:]



[Newspaper figure:]

Well, boys! I’m for the shell factory!


[Middle bin:]



[Bone figure:]

And I’m for the glue factory!


[Right bin:]



[Rags figure:]

And it’s me for munitions!






“When will these three meet again in shells, in tanks, or in plane?”


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1. Look at Sources 1, 2, 3 and 4. Explain how each of the salvage posters uses the following ways to persuade people to save waste.

  • How do the posters use slogans?
  • Do they use powerful/forceful words?
  • Do they appeal to feelings and emotions?
  • How do the posters use humour?
  • How do the posters use different font sizes?
  • How do the posters use colour to help make their point?
  • Which do you think is the most persuasive poster? Give your reasons, using the questions above to help
  • Are the posters aimed at different types of audience (men, women, children or all groups)?