Source 2

Order from Charles II, 10 September 1666 (SP 44/23)


We have appointed Wencelaus Hollar and Francis Sandford to take an exact plan and survey of our city of London with the suburbs adjoining as the same now stands after the sad calamity of the late fire with a particular depiction of the ruins thereof.


Suburbs adjoining – areas where people live next to the city

Sad calamity – event that brings terrible loss and sadness; a disaster

Depiction – a picture (or a description in words)

Simplified transcript

The king has chosen Wencelaus Hollar and Francis Sandford to make a map of the city of London and the nearest suburbs to show the damage caused by the terrible fire.


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2. After the fire, King Charles II wanted a new map of London.

  • Who did Charles ask to make a plan of London?
  • Why did Charles want a map showing London after the fire?
  • What did Charles feel about the fire?