Source 7

A later extract from the same letter seen in Source 6 (DO 131/45)


…clearly indicated, throughout the interview, that in her opinion the Dominion was exceedingly fortunate to have been given the privilege of entertaining her.  Notwithstanding her aggressive and somewhat challenging manner and her overweening conceit it was obvious that, handled with tact and understanding, she might have a brilliant future ahead of her.  It was equally apparent that in the wrong atmosphere she would prove fractious and be a source of constant trouble and anxiety.  After considerable cogitation, Mr. Blois placed Celia with a wealthy printer, Mr. Ross, a rugged, large-hearted man, with a bluff and commanding manner.  The experiment has been entirely successful and it was obvious, from my conversation with the child, that she is happy and contented and on affectionate terms with her foster-parents.  Mr. Ross has sent her to a private school where she is making good progress.  Celia wants to be a trained nurse and I understand that Mr. Ross will provide the necessary training should she remain in the Dominion long enough.

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7. Read Source 7. This is another section from the letter seen in Source 6:

  • Why could Celia, mentioned in this source, be described as somewhat big-headed?
  • According to this source, how good was the choice of her foster-parents?
  • Why was the careful choice of foster-parents so important? [Try to use words from the source in your explanation]
  • Would this case be a good example to show parents in Britain worried about evacuating their child?