Source 5

Excerpt from a letter from Mr.Blois (Director of the Department of Public Health Nova Scotia) to Mr. Reagh (George’s foster father) (DO 131/47)


Needless to say I am greatly pleased to know that the children are well and enjoying themselves.  I asked Mr. Wood for photographs of yourselves, your home and something of that kind which could be sent to England but if you have sent them yourself that is quite sufficient.  I am sure that the parents in England will be glad to receive pictures of the Town of Middleton or items of interest about the town, also that a picture of yourselves and your home will be greatly appreciated.  You can imagine how you would feel if your own children were thousands of miles away living with strangers.  I feel that anything we can do to assure the parents that they are well happy and properly taken care of is well worth doing.

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5. Read Source 5. These are just two of many sources relating to George Parr and his two sisters.

Further evidence includes a psychiatrist report, special health survey, visitor’s report on their foster home, application form from their foster parents, together with many official letters. One letter from Mr Blois (Director the Department of the Public Health Nova Scotia) to Mr Reagh (George’s foster father) includes a request:

  • What do you think the large number of documents shows about the standard of care for these evacuated children?
  • What does the request from Mr Blois show?