Source 4

Official memo relating to the placement of the Parr children (DO 131/45)




To place the three Parr children either in one home or as close together as possible,  Conductress, Miss Gowen, reports children very attractive.  Children impress staff at School for the Blind and departmental workers.  They are Methodists.


The homes of Mr John A. Reagh and Mr Harold Borden Reagh at Middleton, Annapolis County, seem to offer a solution,  These families were Methodists before the formation of the United Church.  The report of Mr. Wood, Agent of the Children’s Aid Society for Annapolis, indicates that possibly these two homes might, between them, take the three children.


Mr. Blois telephoned to Mr. John A. Reagh and explained the situation to him fully over the ‘phone.  Mr. Reagh asked for time to discuss it with his brother and their wives.  Later Mr. Reagh telephoned to Mr. Blois that they had decided to take the three children, Doris and Betty to go to Mr. Harold Borden Reagh and George to Mr John A. Reagh.

F.R. MacK

Assistant Director

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4. Read Source 4. This is an official memo relating to the placement of the Parr children.

  • What is the problem?
  • Remembering what George Parr wanted (Source 3), suggest three reasons why the ‘consideration’ is sensible.
  • What is the final result?