Scottish witches

Scottish Witches. (Catalogue ref: SP 18/2 f. 37)

In this source a minister of a Scottish church (where there were lots of witch trials) complained that Parliament was not doing enough to help him prosecute a group of women who were suspected of witchcraft, 29 June, 1649.


  1. Unto the right honourable the High Court of Parliament
  2. The humble supplication of the Presbytery [Scottish church] of Stranrawer
  3. Humble sheweth
  4. That in law it pleased the honourable Lords of the Privy Council to grant Warrants
  5. and Commissions for trying and administering of justice upon Marion Shenon wife to John Jameson
  6. of Drochdoill, Jeneat McKenon wife to Alexander Lowlie in Balmurrey, Africt Blam, wife to John
  7. McLung in Kirkibae, Marion Russell in Glenluce, and Isabel Biggam, in the parish of
  8. Stranrawer, which persons are suspected are guilty of the crime of witchcraft

[petitioner complains that those commissioned to try these accused people, have not done anything]

  1. Therefore, we humble beseech their highness’s
  2. honourable Court of Parliament that the aforesaid commission may be renewed at least that
  3. a competent number maybe added thereto to supply the place of those whom we conceived
  4. incapable or unwilling…
  5. whereby Justice may be administered
  6. upon the aforesaid suspected persons.
  7. They being put to trial and executions…
  8. if they shall be found guilty or innocent. Conforming to the said commissions
  9. we your supplicants be encouraged to set the advancement of the gospel
  10. and the punishment of vice in our calling and charge. And your honours answer
  11. we expect
  12. My John Crookes minister at the new
  13. Kirk [church] of Glenluce, Commissioner for the
  14. Presbytery of Stranrawe
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