Results of an exorcism

Report about The Lady Peckham. (Catalogue ref: SP 12/195 f. 103)

This source describes what happened when Roman Catholic priests attempted to exorcise a woman whom they presumed to be bewitched, 13 December, 1586.


  1. The Lady Peckham died on Saturday last at night & being
  2. in great extremities & talking very fantastically there were three
  3. seminary priests present, viz [namely], Carleton alias [known as] Sherwood, Yaxley alias
  4. Saer, and Barthe alias Lee, who said that she was possessed with a
  5. devil & therefore took upon them to exorcise her & during their
  6. exorcisms she yielded up her breath & they presently solemnised her
  7. obsequies [funeral rights] & celebrated diriges [Roman Catholic service for the dead] for her as though they had presently
  8. buried her although as yet her body is not committed to the earth
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