Male witch

Petition for Thomas Harvey. (Catalogue ref: SP 18/183 f. 107)

It was not just women who were accused of witchcraft. In this source, Henry Alcocke petitioned on the behalf of Thomas Harvey, who was accused of being a witch and then found innocent but was still in prison. 20 October, 1650


  1. To the right honourable his highness most
  2. honourable privy council
  3. The humble petition of Henry Alcocke
  4. Sheweth
  5. That one Thomas Harvey of Oakham in
  6. the County of Rutland mercer [dealer in fabrics] was by order
  7. of this most honourable council apprehended
  8. by a party of soldiers and carried to Barnstable
  9. in Devonshire and the last Assizes held at
  10. Exeter was tried upon suspicion of witchcraft
  11. and wicked practices with the devil, but
  12. upon the which traverse was acquitted by the
  13. Jury yet by the command of the then Baron
  14. Nicholas does still stand committed at Exeter
  15. whereby he is not only deprived of his liberty
  16. and put to great expenses but is withheld
  17. at the distance of about 140 miles from
  18. his family & lawful employments
  19. The premised considered your said petitioner
  20. humble prays this most honourable
  21. council for his liberty upon bail or
  22. otherwise as your honour’s wisdoms
  23. shall judge most
  24. And he shall ever pray &c
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