Source Two: ‘The Metropolitan Police Gazette and Criminal Recorder’

‘The Metropolitan Police Gazette and Criminal Recorder’. 1829. Catalogue Ref: HO 61/9 


The Metropolitan Police Gazette and Criminal Recorder (Price Threepence). [Three pennies] 

On Saturday, the 19th of June inst. Will be Published (to be continued Weekly,) No.1, of the ‘Metropolitan Police Gazette, and Criminal Recorder.” 

This Publication which will be of the size of a Weekly Newspaper and of a form suitable for Binding, will contain (expressly written for the Gazette) Reports of the proceedings at all the Twelve Police Offices in the Metropolis during the Week- Interesting Trial at Assizes, [courts] Sessions, Courts of Law, &c.- Records (most useful to every Police Officer) of all Serious Offences and Criminals, with descriptions of their persons and the amount of rewards offered for their apprehension,- Hue and Cry.*- Police Anecdotes [accounts]- False and Cowardly attacks made on the New Police exposed, and their authors DISPATCH’D- Gangs of Miscreants [trouble makers], Prigs [thieves] Fences, Flash Houses* and Gaming Houses.- Swell Mob*- Ascot and Hampton.- Feats at Windsor and Ben Lewis’s Gang- The Spa-fields affair considered a Radical Murder.- Caution to persons attending Theatres- Criticism, &c.- The whole forming an entertaining and useful Miscellany.[collection of articles.] 

No Police Constable connected with the Force will hesitate to become a Subscriber to a Work so useful, so cheap, and so devoted to his interest and the interests of the Public generally; and which at all times will fearlessly, zealously, and impartially vindicate the Commissioners and Officers from the hebdomadal* and systematic attacks of a certain Sunday Paper, which has (like the Boy in the Fable) cried “Wolf” “Wolf” so long, that at last the cries are almost unheeded. Some dirty work of a certain junta* in the Kilburn case of ADAMS V. SOPER and others exposed. 

To be sold by all respectable Booksellers and Newsmen. Advertisements respecting Property Lost, Stolen, &c. and of Servants Wanted and wanting Places will be inserted. 

J.W.PEEL, Printer, 9, New Cnt, Lambeth.  


Glossary for starred* words, other word meanings given in brackets. 

  • Hebdomadal- weekly 
  • A flash house- a house frequented by thieves, vagabonds, and sex workers. Also, a place where stolen goods were received. 
  • Swell mob- thieves and swindlers who are fashionably well dressed. 
  • ‘Hue and Cry’- a historical common law dating back to medieval times whereby bystanders in the community were summoned to assist in the persuit and capture of criminals. 
  • Junta- a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force. 
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  • How many police officers are there in London? 
  • What type of content will the ‘Police Gazette and Criminal Recorder’ include? 
  • What is the purpose of setting up a newspaper for the police?  
  • How might this publication help make the police force more efficient? 
  • The source states that the police force have been subject to the “hebdomadal and systematic attacks of a certain Sunday Paper”, [line 20.] What does this suggest about public opinion regarding the police? 
  • What can this source tell us about the crimes that were being committed in London in the 1820s-1830s?