Source Four (c): A Letter regarding the Metropolitan Police Force 1848

‘A letter regarding the Metropolitan Police Force’. 1848. Catalogue Ref. MEPO 2/67 


2 Gibson Square  



June 6th 1848  


I have much pleasure by this opportunity of expressing my warmest thanks to the Police Force of the district for the able, patient, and careful and discrimination through the severe and trying duties imposed upon them through the late disturbances in this and the neighbouring districts and do consider that the peace we are now so quietly enjoying is entirely through their perseverance. 

Yours very obediently 

George Slice 

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  • Where does the writer of this letter live? 
  • How does the writer describe the conduct of the police? 
  • The writer refers to the ‘late disturbances’ in his own and neighbouring districts. Research ‘London disturbances in 1848’ to find out more. 
  • Compare this letter to Sources 3, 4a and 4b. How did attitudes towards the police change over time?