Source 7

371 Parkwood Road


Jan 22 [1911]




I was surprised to receive a letter from you telling me that you were sending my two little girls to Canada which I do not approve of and if there [are] any means of stopping it I shall do so. I think they are quite [sic] far enough away from me now. I called on your manager at the Southampton Branch on Saturday and he told me when there [sic] time was up they would be left there and that means to say I shall never see the children again. I consider myself to have been punished quite enough.


I shall never be able to save the money for them to come back. I cannot pay my way now work being so very slack. I shall endeavour to see the Magistrates who made the order. I think it is most cruel for the children to be sent so far away from there [sic] father and friends that loves them so dear.


I am Sir

Yours truly

W.G. Rowe


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Mr. Rowe to Dr Barnardo’s about the plan to send his daughters to Canada, 22 January, 1911. Catalogue ref: HO 144/1118/203442

  • Why does Mr Rowe not agree with this plan to send his daughters to Canada?
  • What steps has he taken to try and prevent it?
  • Why do you think he writes that ‘I consider myself to have been punished quite enough’?
  • Why do you think Mr Rowe was not raising his children?
  • Can you use 4 words to describe the tone of his letter?