Source 1b

Extract from a letter from Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Germany, September 6th, 1938 (FO 371/21737)


I suppose the chances of Hitler coming out at Nuremberg with what will amount to peace or what will amount to war (thunder there is sure to be) are about 50-50.  I opt for the former.  If I am right I do wish it might be possible to get at any rate the Times, Camrose, Beaverbrook Press etc to write up Hitler as an apostle of Peace.  It will be terribly shortsighted if this is not done.  Cannot the News Dept help?

[Camrose was the owner of the Daily Telegraph at the time, Lord Beaverbrook owned the Daily Express]

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1. These sources are extracts from a letter written by Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Germany, 6th September 1938.

  • Why were people in Germany anxious about the outcome of talks on the Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia?
  • What do you think that Nevile Henderson means when he says that ‘Benes will never go far enough till he is made to do so’?
  • What did Nevile Henderson want the British press to do about Hitler?
  • What do you think Henderson’s opinion was of Hitler?
  • How might Henderson’s view affect what Chamberlain did when he met Hitler?