Source 3

1861 Census return for Blackrod, Lancashire (RG 9/2769)


Parish (or Township) of Blackrod               Town of Blackrod Ecclesiastical District of  Bolton
Number on census Road/Street or Name of House HOUSES Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head of family Married or not Age of Profession or Occupation Where Born If

1. Deaf-and-Dumb

2. Blind

3. Imbecile or Idiot

4. Lunatic

In-habited Unin-habited
Males Females



Church Street









Elizabeth Farrimond Daur     9 Scholar  

Lancashire Blackrod














Thomas Ditto Son   3   Do  

Do                     Do













Peter Ratcliffe Head Mar 25   Coal Miner  

Do                     Do


        Elizabeth Ditto Wife Mar   23 Power Loom Cleaner Do                     Do  
        Alice Ditto Daur     1   Do                     Do  
39   1   John Harrison Head Un 52   Farmers Labourer Lancashire Blackrod  
40   1   John Acton Head Mar 48   Calico Printer Do                     Do  
        Jane    Ditto Wife Mar   50   Do                     Do  
        Mary  Ditto Daur Un   22 Cotton Winder Do                     Do  
        Elizabeth  Ditto Daur     1   Do                     Do  
41   1   Ralph Smith Head Mar 32   Coal Miner Lancashire    Blackrod  
        Elizabeth Do Wife Mar   32   Do                 St Hellens  
        Alice Ditto Daur     7 Scholar Do                 Blackrod  
        Margaret Ditto Daur     6 Do Do                     Do  
        Edward Ditto Son   4   Do Do                     Do  
        Elizabeth Ditto Daur     2   Do                     Do  
42   1   William Horton Head Mar 46   Coal Wainer Lancashire    Blackrod  
        Cathrine Ditto Wife Mar   42   Do                 Darwen  
        James  Ditto Son Un 20   Blacksmith Striker Do                  Blackrod  
        John     Ditto Son   18   Waggoner at a Colliery Do                     Do  
        Nancy    Ditto Daur     16 Cotton Power Loom Weaver Do                     Do  
        Alice   Ditto Daur     14 Do Do                     Do  
        Cathrine Ditto Daur     12 Scholar Do                     Do  
        Faith    Ditto Daur     8 Do Do                     Do  
        Hope Ditto Daur     8 Do Do                     Do  
Total Of Houses… 5   Total of Males and Females 9 16      
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3. Have a look at this page from the 1861 census for Blackrod in Lancashire

  • From looking at this census return what were the main industries in this area?
  • Why are they linked? (Clue: think about the location of industry)
  • Find out about the different jobs listed if you are not sure what they mean.
  • What age group is covered by the term ‘scholar’ on this return?
  • What do you think the term ‘scholar’ means?
  • Have a look at the ‘where