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Entry from the 1851 census.


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Parish Of St George Hanover Square City of Westminster
Number on census Street Number or Name of House Name and surname of each person Relation to Head of family Married or not Age of Profession or Occupation Where Born If – 1. Deaf-and-Dumb

2. Blind

3. Imbecile or Idiot

4. Lunatic

Males Females
1 Buckingham Palace Her Majesty Alexandrina Victoria Wife Mar 31 The Queen Kensington Palace
H.R.H. Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emanuel Head Mar 31 Duke Of Saxony. Prince Of Coburg and Gotha  



H.R.H. Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa Dau 10 Princess Royal Buckingham Palace
H.R.H. Albert Edward Son 9 Prince Of Wales Do
H.R.H. Alice Maud Mary Dau 7 Princess Do
H.R.H. Alfred Ernest Albert Son 6 Prince Of United Kingdom. Duke Of Saxony. Prince Of Coburg and Gotha Windsor Castle
H.R.H. Helena Augusta Victoria Dau 4 Princess Buckingham Palace
H.R.H. Louisa Caroline Alberta Do 3 Princess Do
H.R.H. Arthur William Patrick Albert Son 11m Prince Of United Kingdom. Duke Of Saxony. Prince Of Coburg and Gotha Do
2 Buckingham Palace Amelia Matilda Murray U 55 Maid Of Honor
Lucy Maria Kerr U 28 Do
Mary Percy U 32 Servant to do
Lydia Gratner U 28 Wardrobe Maid
Selina Lindfield U 28 Princess Royals Draper
Total Of Persons 4 10
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1. Take a look at this page for Westminster from the census of 1851

  • Whose census return for 1851 is shown here?
  • Who is listed as the Head of the household?
  • What is this person’s title?
  • Does this give us any clues about how the Victorians viewed the position of women?
  • Where was this family staying at the time of this census?
  • How many children are listed in this family?
  • Who else is listed with the family?
  • Does anything about this document surprise you?