Source 4

‘Report on an investigation into conditions of the coloured people in Stepney E1’ 1949 (CO 876/247)



These are very poor indeed.  There are only one or two clubs; the Colonial, which I understand is very limited.  There is a club in Cable Street run by some Franciscan Brothers.  Although it is a very fine effort made by these Brothers, the place is situated in rather a bad area, and the surroundings are not ideal.  Another club is the Jamaican Club – this is more of a dancing place with drinks. 5. In other words, there is no properly organised way in which these people could spend their leisure.  To break the monotony of their very bad living rooms, there is the street with cafes, and in the evenings the pubs, or when they have the money, cinema, or to the West End to dance halls.

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4. Read Source 4. This is a report on conditions for black people living in Stepney, East London from 1949.

  • What difficulties would the people who came to Britain face?
  • Does the language used in this report reveal anything about attitudes at the time?