Making Plans


[…]We had something to eat and drink there [a pub] and after we had been there about half an hour May came in – I knew May, but had not seen him for about a fortnight before – he had some rum with me at the bar.[…]


Leaving May at the Fortune of War – Williams and I went to Mr Tuson’s in Windmill Street where I saw Mr Tuson and offered to sell him a subject – meaning the boy we had left at home – he said he had waited so long for a subject which I had before undertaken to procure that he had been obliged to buy one the day before. We went from there to Mr Capries in Dean Street and offered it to him in the Lecture Room with other Gentlemen. They asked me if it was fresh, I told them yes – they told me to wait – I asked them 10 Guineas and after waiting a little a Gentleman there said they would give 8 Guineas which I agreed to take and engaged to carry it there the next morning at 10 OClock-[…]

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Making Plans:

  • Why does Mr Tuson turn down the sale?
  • What does ‘The Lecture Room’ imply about where he is selling the body?
  • How much does Bishop agree to sell the body for?