Source Two

Board for a board game called ‘Royal Coronation: The game for all true Britons’, 1901 Catalogue ref: COPY 1/180 f247

Queen Victoria died in 1901 after a reign of 64 years. Her eldest son, Edward was crowned as King Edward VII at the age of 59. His wife Alexandra also became Queen. A coronation is a special ceremony when a king or queen received the crown. They were also given the orb (a globe with a cross on it) and a sceptre (a staff or wand) held in the hand. All these objects represented the power and authority of the new king or queen.  

  1. Can you describe the picture in the centre of the board? 
  2. Look at the pictures around the edges of the board. Make a list of all the places you see. 
  3. Why do you think these places are included[CLUE: Check again the name of the board game, discuss with a friend or helper] 
  4. Why do you think the game has the British flag pictured on the board? 
  5. How do you think this game was played? 
  6. Why do you think it was called ‘Royal Coronation: The game for all true Britons’? 
  7. Why do you think this game was made? [Clue: Find out the meaning of the word souvenir].