Source Three (b)

Board for a game called ‘Ups and Downs of Life: A capital game for young and Old’, 1899, Catalogue ref: COPY 1/146 f15 

  1. Look at the board, how do you think you would play this game? 
  2. What do you think the rules could be? 
  3. What can we learn about the following in Victorian times? 
    • fun and entertainment 
    • travel and transport  
    • marriage  
    • school punishment 
    • clothing  
  4. What does the game suggest is the main “up” or goal of life?  
  5. What are some of the ‘downs’?  
  6. Do you think these ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ are similar or different for us today? 
  7. Discuss with a friend or helper what other sources would help you to find more about Victorian entertainment and leisure.