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This shows Princess Ademola on the 1939 Register, Catalogue ref: RG 101/1268G  


The 1939 register was an emergency step taken at the start of the Second World War to help the government set up the rationing system and identity cards. Later on it was used to track the movement of the civilian population and to help create the National Health Service Register in 1948.  


The 1939 register thus provides the most complete survey of the population of England and Wales between 1921 and 1951 as the 1931 census was destroyed during the Second World War and no census was carried out in 1941 during wartime. 

This shows Ademola Adenrele on the 1939 Register, Catalogue ref: RG 101/1268G


‘OVSPI’ meant Officer; Visitor; Servant; Patient; Inmate. It applied to those people who were listed by institutions and was often left blank.


E.D. Letter Code: CKEP   U.D. or     Orpington [Kent]     Registration District and Sub-district 42/4
Address Schedule


No     No.

Surname & other names OVSPI.




Birth, day, year Single, married widow or dependent Personal Occupation
57 Bassetts Way 111      2


Anstey, Susan C.




12 May






Unpaid domestic duties



            3 Anstey, Iris V. F 22 Nov.


Single Laundry checker
            4 Anstey, George


M 24 Jan


Single Electrical wireman (Government)
            5 Anstey, Lenard C. M 13 May


Single ‘Seeking work’ not previously employed
59 ditto  112     1 Morgan Francis E M 14 Nov.


Married Wharf Manager Coal & building
             2 Morgan, Laura F 25 Sept


Married Unpaid domestic duties
             3 Jenkinson, Peter D. M 22 Jan.


Single At school
             4 Ademola, Adenrele F 2 Jan.


Single Probationer nurse
61 ditto 113       1 Martin Williams H M 17 July.


Married Steel fixer & bender
             2 Martin Hilda E F 23 Feb.


Married Unpaid domestic duties


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  • How does her occupation differ from Source 1?  
  • Can suggest reasons why her occupation differs from Source 1? 
  • Why is the 1939 Register useful for historians and researchers on this topic?