School report March 1921


Report by H.M.J.W.M Page Esq

Inspected 14th March 21

This school is conscientiously and pleasantly managed and the girls are attentive to their lessons and industrious. The teaching is earnest while the work which is well tested by full terminal examinations in most respects, very creditable. Reading is effective both as a an oral exercise and as a means of acquiring information. Written composition, which is often associated with the other subjects of the curriculum is good in matter and expression; and recitation, although rather limited as an amount, is clear in utterance.

Arithmetic is well done in the first and second classes, but in the third, which has had a change of teachers in the school year, it is weak, as are also History and Geography. On the other hand the latter subjects are intelligently treated in the rest of the school and the girls have benefited much by the lessons.

Needlework is good but drawing might well reach a higher standard:

Report of Religious Instruction 8:12:20

Class Excellent (distinguished)

The work is as specially distinguished excellent, and the pleasance of visiting the school as great as ever. In the proposed new surrounding there should be no better school in the Diocese in every other respect as well as in this knowledge. The long continued work of the Head Mistress must have had an influence of untold value on the lives of the children under her care. Everything was excellent, the Church History being especially well known.

Specially commended (order of Merit)

Group i

  1. Flossie Lewis
    • Ella Ould
  2. Gertie Brown
    • Jessie Mirtin
    • Ivy Peters
  3. Irene
  4. Phyllis
  5. Majorie Towhead

Group 2

  1. Blanche Naity
  2. Florence Jane
    • Ruby Mason
    • May Rosa
    • Eileen Trevaskis
    • Inez Trevicthick
    • Lena Webb
  3. Mona Baker
    • Vera Hingston
    • Dorothy Vaine

Group 3

  1. Ethel Pascoe
    • Eileen Vaine
    • Dorothy Winnian
  2. Violet Brown
    • Eva Christophers
    • Harriet Jenkins
    • Emily Robinson
  3. Dorothy Kennyan
    • Dorothy Haskles
    • Phyllis Hazelton
    • Gladys Preloar

Commended: [Group 1:] Ten girls. [Group 2:] Fifteen girls. [Group 3:] Nine girls & the group generally.

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Source Two- School report March 1921- Kresen Kernow (SFAL 6/1/4)

  • What do you learn about Ethel from this document? What does it tell you about the school she attends?