Trade directory Accrington


34 ACCRINGTON                         LANCASHIRE                                        [KELLY’S

Broughton James Henry, grocer, 8 Devonshire street

Broughton Joseph Walter, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 5 Birch street. T N 2340

Broughton Renard, grocer, 76 Maudsley street

Broughton Richard (firm, Rd. Broughton & Co.), solicitor, commissioner for oaths & clerk to the borough magistrates, 5 Union street. Telephone No.2211

Broughton Samuel, teacher of music, 76 Plantation street

Brown Brothers, engineers, Pieck road

Brown, Stockdale, Singleton & West Limited, wholesale butchers, Abattoirs T N 2253

Brown Arthur, hair dresser, 7 King street

Brown Charles, boot maker, 61 Edleston street

Brown George, hosier, 135b, Blackburn road

Brown James, shopkeeper, 137 Whalley road

Brown Thomas, farmer, Higher & Lower Hey

Brown Thomas, farmer, New House farm

Brunton James Henry, greengrocer, 77 Whalley road

Bruyneels Gerard, tobacconist, 63 Eagle Street

Bulcock Elizabeth (Mrs), tripe dealer, 76 Blackburn road

Bulloch Oswald M.B. Ch.B physician, 91 Whalley rd. T N 2874

Bunkall John, shopkeeper, 2 Lodge street

Burgess Arthur, cab proprietor, 44 Oak street

Burke Patrick, farmer, Spring Hill farm

Burnley Road subscription Bowling Green Club (Arthur Riley, sec.) Burnley road

Burton Montague Limited, tailors, 83 Blackburn road

Bury Brothers, cotton goods manufacturers, Fountain, Paxton and Victoria mills

Bury John & Co. Limited, cotton goods manufacturers, Union mill, Spring hill, Pickup street (T N 2377) & Spring mill, Union street. T N 2378

Bury Edith (Mrs.) draper, 10 Persia street

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Source Five- Trade directory Accrington (list of names and jobs)

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