Clowes family, 1911 Census Record

Simplified Transcript

1911 Census record:
Name and Surname Relationship to Head of Household Age Particulars as to Marriage Profession or Occupation Birthplace
John Edward Clowes Head 31 Married Domestic Gardner and Caretaker Staffordshire
Alice Clowes Wife 26 Married  [Blank] Staffordshire
Alice Ann Clowes Daughter 11 Single  [Blank] Cheshire Lawton
Emily May Clowes Daughter 9 Single  [Blank] Cheshire Lawton
Ann James Wife Mother 63 Widow  None Worcestershire Stourbridge


Males Females Persons
1 4 5

6 Rooms

Signature: John Edward Clowes

Postal Address: The School House, Lawton Gate, Cheshire, England


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  1. Study Sources two to four and answer these questions.

Source Two- 1911 Census- The National Archives (RG 14/1296)

  • What do you learn about the family from this earlier census?