101 Grove Road Census Record 1911

Simplified Transcript

1911 Census record:
Name and Surname Relationship to Head of Household Age Sex Particulars as to Marriage Profession or Occupation Birthplace
James Hopwood Head 45 M Married Butcher Middlesex Mile End
Edith Hopwood Daughter 16 F Single Help at home Kent Deptford
John Hopwood Son 11 M [Blank] School Middlesex
George Hopwood Son 9 M [Blank] School Middlesex Bethnal Green


Males Females Persons
3 1 4

5 Rooms

Signature: J.F.B. Hopwood

Postal Address: 101 Grove Road Bow


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  1. Study Sources two to four and answer these questions.

Source two- 1911 Census record- The National Archives (RG14/1412)

  • What do you learn about the family from this earlier census?