Trade directory - Grove road



1 Marks Samuel, greengrocer

3 Lankow Theodore, hairdresser

5 Lewis Alfred, tailor

7 Lewis, John, miscellaneous dlr

9 Pinkov Harris, boot maker

11 Cohen Hyman, grocer

13 Dent Jabez, ironmonger

41 Dove Henry, beer retailer

…here are Murdock cottages…

49A Crawley Walter, wheelwright

53 Corb Morris, rag merchant

…here is Ashcroft road…


Ayres William Jesse, farrier

Boas, Boas & Wolf, picture frame makers

Lubert Bros & Co mnfg confrs

Vickers Archibald Ltd, paint manufacturers

…here the G.E.R. crosses

59 Garratt Sidney Robinson, grngro

61 Garratt Sidney Robinson, coffee rooms

63 Shadforth Prescription Service Ltd. Pharmaceutical chemists

…here is Burnside street…

65 Wheeler George Henry, oilman

67 Holmes Chas. Robert, bootmaker

69 Dow Mrs Elizabeth, fancy drpr

71 Blain Gordon William, baker

73 Hoppe Fred k Alfred confectioner

75 Shearmur Mrs Hannah, coffee rooms

77 Bibby Mrs Elizh. wine & spirit dlr

Elcy Mrs Annie, stationer

79 POST, Money Order Office & Savings Bank

81 Walden Wm. Frederick, grocer

…here is Belhaven street…

83 Totman Francis & Sons, ho.agnts

85 Freeman Charles, hairdresser

87 Bostel Mark, watchmaker

89 Robinson John Geo. Cheesemngr

91 Neve Frederick Edward, tobcnst

93 Gerhold Alfred, pawnbroker

…here is Cordova road…

95 Mills Mrs. Annie Rose, grocer

97 Pease Joseph, dressmaker

99 Downey Richard, fishmonger

101 Hopwood James, butcher

103 Mason Henry, greengrocer

105 Le Surf Alfred, baker

…here is Hamilton road…

111 Amson Fredk, coach trimmer

…here is Palm street…

125 Case Jeremiah & Sons, carmen

181 Earl of Aberdeen, Frederick Thomas White

…here is Roman road…

193 Taylor Sidney James, teacher of music

219 Chapman Jas.Wm.metal mer

…here is Wennington road…

Nicholls & Clarke Ltd window class mers. (Park wharf)

…here is the Regent’s Canal…

223 Crown hotel, Anthony Rayner Hurren

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Source three- Grove road street directory (list of people and jobs)-  Kelly’s Directories Ltd, 1920

  • Can you find James Hopwood on this list? What does this record tell you about jobs in the area?