Source 2

Census return for James Lillywhite, 1891 (RG 12/844)

2. To find out more we can look at a census return. Source 2 is the actual census form which was filled in for James Lillywhite on census night 1891. Study the heading for each column carefully.

  • Find James and his family on the census.
  • What did James Lillywhite do for a living?
  • What was the name of his wife?
  • How many children did he have?
  • Does this number match up with the photograph?
  • Put names to the faces.
  • This census was taken in 1891, work out what the childrens ages were in 1887 – how does this compare to what you thought in question 1?
  • Why is there a cricket bat in the photograph?
  • Did they have servants?

Which source would be more valuable for finding out about this family?